NIASAT and MotoSat

Where did MotoSat go?

Dear Mobile Satellite User,

MotoSAT and MoSAT Systems recently announced that they are going out of business. It is the conclusion to a long journey for users utilizing Direcway, MotoSAT/Datastorm and Hughesnet, in a mobile environment. Our company recently purchased, to get the word out regarding our SatRig mobile satellite platform. In nine years of selling and servicing SatRig and related services on the NIASAT satellite service platform, we have enjoyed an RMA rate of less than 1% on all systems sold. We encourage you to give us a call and discuss your options to convert to one of our dependable SatRig systems.

NIASAT provides commercial grade satellite internet solutions to first responders, retail locations, and the oil and gas industry. With these primary industries in mind, we have to get the installation and service right the first time. NIASAT is not a solution for everyone, but NIASAT's primary goal is to offer options for upgrading Hughesnet, StarBand and WildBlue equipment.

We encourage you to visit our California based corporate office, and talk to us about upgrading beyond the frustration of a consumer grade system. You can also call or email us today; you have many options available.

- NIASAT Sales and Support


SatRig is owned and operated by NIA, Inc. and operates on the NIASAT private satellite service platform. NIA does not own and has not purchased any assets from MotoSAT or MoSAT Systems, except for the domain name.

SatRig does not use MotoSAT equipment or C-COM equipment. SatRig does not use HughesNet, StarBand or WildBlue satellite service. NIASAT functions on a privately funded U.S. based NOC and provides U.S. based technical support 24/7.